broken lives

We are:
A  place of HOPE
A place of SALVATION
Abundant Heart Church is a Light House in the middle of the
Texas Hill country and beyond.
Abundant Heart Church is about doing life together. 
We are about belonging, everyone needs a safe place they can call home, a place they can belong. 

Church Thanksgiving Celebration
          Come Join us March 17th with special quests
                    Pastors Rich and Tanya Hooper

Recent Sermon

Pastor Ray brings the truth of the Word of God. More teacher than preacher he equips us for the work of the ministry. He gives us the necessary tools needed to live a victorious life by faith. Dive into his sermons and let them feed you,

Connect with us.

Gathering Times

Sunday Mornings
9:30 am Intercessory Prayer
9:45 am Fellowship Breakfast
10:30 am Worship Service
Wednesday Evenings
1st Wednesday of each month
6:00 pm Potluck Dinner
Every Wednesday Evening
7:00 pm Bible Study